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Do I have to pay for every course?

No. uses a subscription model and once you pay your monthly or annual fee, you can access all the content on the site.

How often is the content updated?

Content is updated when we add new material or when rule/mechanics are modified by the governing bodies.

Do I have to follow the courses in order?

You can take any course and any lesson in that course whenever you want.  While we have put the courses together in a logical order, you can view any lesson or topic in any order you want.

What does it cost for a subscription to this site?

You can have the cost billed monthly at $8.99 / month, or billed annually at $19.99 per year.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, we will automatically bill your credit card each month/year until you ask us to cancel your subscription.

Umpire Clinics are expensive, and $19.99 per year seems inexpensive. Isn't this too good to be true?

We are charging a fee to cover our costs to produce and host the course content, as well as providing the proper support.  We could realistically charge more , but we want to keep this affordable for everyone, and help raise the training bar for the good of all umpires. Our goals are altruistic in nature, not financial.

Can you offer a discount for my league if we sign up all our umpires?

Yes, we do offer league discounts to help make this affordable for your association’s budget.  Contact us directly for a per-umpire quote for your league.

Will the content be relevant if I am a Little League umpire?

All our courses are based on the rules and mechanics taught in professional umpire schools and clinics.  While most of the content is relevant, there are some differences for Little League that are unique.  Check with your Little League umpire staff to be sure.

Do you offer onsite clinic services that our league can leverage?

Currently, we do not host any clinics other than our online content.  We have however, listed the best clinics that we know about in the United States that you can attend.

Do I still need to attend camps or clinics, or can I just use the online courses?

Our training is meant to supplement your camp and/or clinic training.  The goal is that since clinics and camps are only offered once or twice a year, you can continually learn the remainder of the year using our quality online training content.

Can I view the content on my iPad and mobile phone?

Yes.  Our content was designed to be mobile-aware, so you can view the course lessons on any device – including all the videos.

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