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Quality Training Content

TheUmpSchool.com – a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to improving umpire training – has compiled hundreds of hours of umpire training content to provide quality instructional material to our students.

UMPGEAR in conjunction with its licensee THEUMPSCHOOL.COM present online training and online education for baseball umpires.

This is the only training of its kind anywhere, and we use our proprietary training method to help you retain information and implant visual recognition better and faster to lessen the time it takes to be a better umpire.


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Our Proprietary Learning Method

Our proprietary learning method leverages multiple types of content that are delivered in such a manner as to improve memory recall and speed up the learning process for umpires.

This approach is so unique and revolutionary that we received a patent – there is nothing like it anywhere.  CASRTS is the first-of-its-kind sports official specific training curriculum designed specifically to reduce the learning curve by a substantial margin.

In testing, we have seen a five-fold increase in learning and play recognition by umpires using the system versus umpires that train the old-fashioned way.  This means that we are cutting your learning curve down to one-fifth of what it would normally be. That is significant!

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Learning Management System

Students and UICs can track their progress to see which courses have been taken, as well as test scores.  Areas that need extra work can be repeated as often as desired.

TheUmpSchool.com is also a proprietary learning management system that students and UICs can use to track progress, and to test knowledge and retention of the subject matter.

The lessons can be taken in any order, or they can be taken in the suggested order for beginners (recommended for 1st to 3rd year umpires).

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Personal Student Profiles

Each student has a profile that can be personalizde and provides information on their level, skill and experience.

When each student logs in, they are taken to their profile.  They are able to personalize it and add their photo, experience and a short description of their goals and/or experience.

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About TheUmpSchool.com


Why Choose Us

  • Student Progress and Course Ratings
  • Full-Featured Video Lessons
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Lesson Attachments and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Extremely Affordable

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